Top Reasons To Go For Online Shopping

Are you a full time working women or a mom, not having enough time going from stores to stores looking for items of your choice? Are you a businessman lacking to choose a suit for your next business meeting? Are you anti – shopper who don’t like to carry bags, standing in line waiting for your turn to pay for the items you have bought?

Do crowds, fully packed places freak you out? Do you get tired while looking for items of your specific needs while shopping?  Does it become hard for you to focus on your checklist while shopping at a mall?  If so, online shopping is the best shopping solution for you.

In a fast-paced world, advancement in technology has made our life much easier as compared to the old days. It has improved our lifestyle to a greater extent, offering solutions to old problems, providing ease to common men. It has provided newly improved mediums for retailers and customers to interact effectively.

People now use smartphones and the internet to a greater extent, leading to a significant increase in online shopping culture. High rise in technology has helped e-commerce business commuting brands with different buyers globally. It also helps marketers to build their image online and expand customer base globally.

Online shopping has greater benefits as compared to store shopping. The greatest benefit of online shopping is that it is cost effective. Brands offer promo codes on online sites which are huge discount packages for new as well as existing customers.

Existing customers are offered larger discount percentages on their order placement as a reward for their loyalty. Brands only offer discounts on online shopping but not on items brought from their local stores, since they have to bear rentals and other expenses on physical stores. E- Buyers can also save amount on taxes. One can save a great deal if they order all items online using promo codes and deals offered on shopping sites.

When we go to stores we often buy items that we do not need because the seller compels us to buy. They advertise their products in such a way that in the end, we buy stuff that we don’t even need. It is just a waste of money and we end up wasting those items.

When we buy online we have more shopping control and we buy things depending on our credit limit. Thus, online shopping unable us to manage our cash flow as well as increase our savings for the month.

E-commerce has made life much easier by providing people access to international markets offering them more choices to satisfy their needs without incurring airfare. International shopping option is also available when we purchase things online using credit cards.

Far greater colour and sizes are available as compared to items available at local stores. One can have a look at the items brand sells and choose from a variety of items available.

Using online shopping as your shopping mode, it is easier to compare prices and find better deals. One can easily move to other stores to get more discounts. Checking and comparing various sites is easy and getting better products at a lower rate is a possibility without incurring travel cost. Buying a technological item is beneficial through online shopping.

One can compare specification, price and brands of different models available in the market globally. Brand sites offer the facility to research as well as a comparison of different models. Research the product many times before making a purchase as well as check other options available at a specific price.

Online shopping is convenient. You can order anytime at your own pace. While sitting on the sofa in pyjamas you can order anything from food to clothing, household items to technical products, large electrical equipment to small home decoration items deliver to your doorstep without any hassle.

One can shop 24/7 at the comfort of home. It is environmentally friendly too. Some online brands also allow users to order items that are out of stock at the moment and dispatch them as soon as they are available.

Online shopping is a time effective mode of shopping as compared to store shopping. No need to wait in lines for the items you have purchased. If crows, packed places freak you out its better to go for online shopping especially on weekends, holidays and festivals.

You don’t have to worry about the parking places as well. The checkout process is easier using online shopping avoiding the need to wait in long lines and carry heavy luggage.

Sending a gift online is easier for friends and family members abroad. Many brands have stores globally thus letting you send items globally to your family and friends as a gift on various occasions and festivals. You don’t have to care about packing the items, wrap it or ship it. One can even gift a fragile item globally with a single click.

Recordkeeping is easier using online shopping. You can log in to the sites you have used to make the purchase and all the data will be displayed. You can make tax calculations easily using the data available on your shopping sites rather than maintain the records separately on the notebook. Status of the items dispatched can also be tracked easily.

As per the e-commerce trends 2017, over 51% of Americans prefer shopping online due to the level of flexibility offered by it. ComScore Inc. conducted market research and found out that more than 86 million Americans use their smartphones for online shopping.

According to the US Census Bureau, Online retail sales are expected to increase by 20% between 2018 and 2022 in the US, reaching nearly 380 million in 2022. According to Eurostat, the percentage of individuals who purchased online in the last 3 months grew by 25% between 2013 & 2017, increasing from 51% to 64%. Online sales raised from 52% of the total population in 2000 to 89% in 2018. The estimated e-commerce revenue of the top 5 countries in 2018 are (Source: Statista, Roland Berger):

  • USD 584 billion for China,
  • USD 474 billion for the US
  • USD 105 billion for Japan
  • USD 103 billion for the UK
  • USD 70 billion for Germany

Technology is more used by Millennials as compared to any other generation. Smartphone has changed the way millennials think about technology to a greater extent. More than (92%) Millennials have smartphones, compared with 85% of Gen Xers (age 38 to 53 this year), 67% of Baby Boomers (age 54 to 72). Due to shaping lifestyle patterns Millennials now prefer to sit at home and shop using their smartphones and save time for their loved ones. Because of the increased benefit e-commerce has to offer to the users it is better to use this facility and spent the time saved with the people you love.

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